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Who is Steve Wooten?

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My Story

Steve has been circling the sun since February of 1977, and he is a curious soul, a modern-day renaissance man, and a seeker of wisdom in all areas of his experience. Steve learned to thrive by finding personal joy after a childhood greatly influenced by adults with alcoholism, mental health struggles, poverty, and the many destructive behaviors that go along with each. Today, he coaches and inspires others towards truth, authenticity, and freedom. With a focus on helping others achieve their best level of personal, professional, and comprehensive success in whatever form that may take for them. 

Due to the circumstances of his formative years, Steve set out on a personal mission that shaped his path of seeking clarity in the midst of confusing scenarios.  With that in mind, his mission is the transformation of human suffering, confusion, and frustration of feeling trapped in the self-perceived drudgery of day-to-day life, by discovering joy, into a life of empowerment and authenticity. 


“Without my experiences of lack, neglect, and the need for self-reliance at an early age, I would be someone who could give you a lot of exoteric and general information around personal development and change, but I would have no true wisdom of how to apply the lessons learned to heal through and alleviate personal suffering. I would be able to recite the references, steps, and key phrases, but not be able to integrate the wisdom into actions for changes in your daily life. The gifts from my own experience combine to form a full picture that has drastically changed what I coach and the way I present it.”


As a co-creator of The Woo10 Way, decorated military veteran, and accomplished professional innovator who has brought clarity and purpose to individuals and organizations around the world for the past few decades, Steve knows that when a person decides that they are ready to make substantive change, see and seek the truth to experience their true reality, he is able to empower them to take mental, emotional, and physical steps towards improvement.  Based on their new awareness, his clients have gained connection and control of their physical and non-physical realities.  They are able to see and experience the joy around them by re-framing any given situation.


To generalize, the field of coaching and internal development can be divided into two camps. The first camp is where clients identify the physical distractions in their life, and then choose to experience comfort and relief from them. People who want to “feel better” fit into this first camp. They seek the knowledge and practices to alleviate the immediate visceral suffering in their world. 


The second camp is for those seeking a deeper sense of awareness and desire to awaken from their perceived reality through an introspective journey into spirituality and oneness. Those in the second camp want to know what is TRUE. They understand that knowing and living in the truth of their reality transcends the traditional “self-help” model and enables them to make changes that will lead to “feeling better” at the soul level. They want to know the truth even if what they come to find out  that it makes them feel really uncomfortable, in the short term.  Knowing it ultimately brings peace and clarity of Being to release at the soul and spirit level.


A person has to want to see the truth before engaging in “camp two” conversations. You can’t make someone want to see the truth. And so one of the most important things that you can do is to honestly decide your actual motive for practicing spirituality and self-help. 


Steve Wooten’s deepest desire is to set people free from physical, mental, and spiritual suffering. He is not talk therapy, but he does employ many methods of questioning, candor, and even hands-on bodywork to facilitate the journey. His mission is to make people aware and conscious so that with that awareness, they can begin to heal and live deeply meaningful, integrated, and empowered lives.


What experiences does Steve have?

Here’s a quick rundown of titles, roles, and credentials: father, son, brother, husband, friend, veteran, scholar, college professor, interrogator, linguist, employee, employer, mentor, mentee, manager, world traveler, hobbyist, massage therapist, instructional designer, innovator, tech and Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality guy, website coder, gardener, project manager, process controller, photographer, sea turtle conservationist, and spiritualist.


Where did Steve Grow Up?

Southern Arkansas, deep in the rural forests of the “Natural State” of the United States of America 


How Tall is Steve? 


What Color are Steve’s Eyes?  



What Color is Steve’s Hair? 


What is Steve’s Ethnicity?  

Steve has never had an actual genetic testing performed. His lineage points to mainly European descent that intermarried with members of American native tribes. 


What is Steve’s Diet like? 

Steve is conscious of his diet and limits his processed foods and does not drink alcohol or coffee.  


What is Steve’s Favorite animal? 



Does Steve have any Pets? 

Steve is a huge animal lover and cohabitates with one dog named “Dakota” and three cats named “Belle,” “Shadow,” and “Armani.”


What does Steve’s Tattoos Mean?

Steve has a single tattoo on his left ring finger to commemorate his lifetime relationship with his wife Pepper.


What is Steve’s level of education?

Steve has a Master’s degree in education and earned post doctoral certificates before deciding that the path to PhD didn’t hold lasting appeal for his life. He has many educational experiences including Six Sigma, PMP courses, 6 AA’s, a Bachelor of Science, and multiple certificates of completion from interrogation, debriefing, personality assessments, nuclear root cause, Global Career Development Facilitator, and even some from the Dept. of Defense Polygraph Institute, massage therapy, and the Paul Ekman Group. These educational experiences have greatly filtered their way into his life and impact the coaching methods he employs. 


Is it true that Steve was an Interrogator? 

Yes. Steve is very curious and jumped at the chance to travel the world to talk with the most fascinating ideological, strategical, and tactical minds shaping the world of global terrorism, chemical weapons development, and interfaith conflicts. He joined the Army in the weeks leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, and this even changed the trajectory of his military career. He was re-assigned to learn Arabic and participated in a couple of deployments to the Middle East in support of the efforts there.  Getting the opportunity to learn other languages and cultures as well as travel on independent assignments within the Arabian peninsula allowed him to meet someone as an individual and understand them at their base level without relying on messy translations or miss-communications shaped how he sees the macro and micro aspects of this human experience. 


After the military Steve continued the “seeker” role into the professional realm as a learning and development expert who once again traveled the world to sit with experts to capture their wisdom and share that wisdom with the larger world. He still enjoys learning and communicating a wide array of topics to this day. 

What languages Does Steve’s Know?  

Steve studied Spanish in both high school as well as both Spanish and French while in college. He learned Arabic in the military and holds an AA and a Bachelor's Degree in Arabic. He has dabbled in Braille and American Sign language, but is beyond rusty in any of them at this point. He can pull out "survival" skills within these languages as needed while traveling abroad. 

What are Steve’s Hobbies?  

Solving puzzles, learning patterns and languages, swimming, beach, hiking, running, many forms of art (drawing, singing, dancing, and learning instruments), being with animals, games (especially thought experiments with his family), movies, and reading. 

How old was Steve when he Officially Started his Career?  

He was raised on a farm and in a family that worked construction, and so his earliest memories were driving farm equipment and pouring concrete with his father, uncles, and cousins. Even at these ages he was fascinated with how to apply the lessons from trigonometry and calculus to make sense of the classroom and the world at large around him. 


What Music Does Steve Like? 

Steve especially loves acoustic and spiritualistic music. He has been known to listen to all kinds of meditation music, acoustic guitar, many types of music featuring a pure vocal note that emotes undeniable feelings of joy.


What are Steve’s favorite Movies?  

Steve enjoys movies with an unexpected paradigm shift from producers like M. Night Shyamalan. He also enjoys a storyline that helps you forget anything you knew going into the screening as well as feel good movies with comedy, humor, and highlight the joy of living in this world. The Sixth Sense, The Others, The Matrix, Titanic, Ghostbusters (the original only… maybe Ghostbusters II), Hancock. 


Is Steve a Morning or a Night Person?  

Steve is a recovering morning person. His stints in the corporate and military sectors set in place some deep patterns that are fading. He usually gets up around 8-9 am and doesn’t stress about the morning schedule routine too much because that is not the energy he welcomes into his life when he first opens his eyes. 


Does Steve have any children or siblings?  

Steve is a deeply family-centered person who prioritizes maintaining the privacy of those in his life who have not asked to be part of his public persona. 

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