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Can You Help Me Recharge? Let's describe our approach

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Welcome to Woo10, the charging station, where you relax, reconnect, and recharge.

Pepper and I have spent our lives, careers, and educations learning to navigate ourselves and guiding others through 10 main areas of personal growth:

  • Discovering your purpose and passion

  • Adopting and releasing habits

  • Freeing yourself from limiting beliefs

  • Establishing healthy relationships

  • Incorporating a healthy lifestyle with ease

  • Building a tribe of belonging and support

  • Balancing your relationship with finances

  • Fostering joy and rediscovering what ease and fun feel like 

  • Developing your career

  • Thriving in a whole being health

When addressing these 10 elements, there are 4 primary zones that make up the Holistic (Whole) Being:

  • Body

  • Mind

  • Spirit

  • Soul

Addressing all aspects of the Holistic Being is key to experiencing the beauty and joy of living in the “I am, and the Now.” The state of ease and freedom that comes with relaxing into the peacefulness of your natural state. 

The most common reason our clients step into Woo10 is they need help calming the symptoms of their physical body. We specialize and focus on resetting your nervous system and getting you out of fight or flight as step one. Calming the cortisol, stress, and pain triggers that have been allowed to run freely through every physical inch of your corporeal frame. Releasing pain, discomfort, and trauma centers that prevent healing from happening. This step allows you to step out of fight or flight and relax into a calmer happier mental state.

The alternative starting place for holistic healing is where we assist you in taking control of your mind. Helping you Re-”mind” yourself that the brain, and its thoughts, are simply a tool to be employed for your good. And every tool needs to be rested, reconnected, and recharged. It needs to be set aside and sharpened so that it can be used appropriately, with precision, and with accuracy. Self control of the mind is essential for growth and introspection because it allows you to finally reconnect to your internal guidance system. 

As we are bringing your body and mind into alignment, we always engage and empower the spirit, which is the 3rd part of your Being that coordinates the body and the mind. It is the small voice of intuition that balances your being. It is “the decider” that is often called the inner voice, intuition, and gut feeling. It is the alert system and secret knowledge around things that “you just know,” but you can’t really explain why you know it. Training yourself to hear what your spirit is saying requires filtering out noise from the body and mind, rebuilding trust with yourself, and moving forward with impeccability in your expression and experience so it can thrive and energize you.

Lastly we come to your Soul.  It is the 4th component of humanity and it longs for 2 things.

First, we each long to be seen, heard, and accepted as individuals.  We ask questions like, “What is my purpose?  Why am I here?  What is my place in the cosmos?”  

Second, we all deeply long for connection to others, Creation, and the Source.  We ask, “How can I connect more deeply with the Divine, connect with the Divine in myself, and in the world around me? What does that even mean? How do I fit into the whole?” These questions allow you to go within so that you can see for yourself why you/we are even here on this planet, living this life, and having these experiences. The Soul’s awakening is the foundational piece for the most magical journey that has ever been undertaken, and arguably… the only journey.  Helping you find and feel love for your unique Being, gain true connection to Creation, and tap into the true Source which is where you get the power to thrive and live with vitality and ease.

With all 4 zones activated we address and allow your inspiration to flow. We ask,”What feeds you?  What brings you joy, childlike wonder, and a sense of adventure?” Because we know that by recharging and refueling yourself, you are naturally able to influence your life and those around you. By discovering what inspires you, you are raising a flag to the universe saying “I want more of this.” It is like flipping on a power generator that releases more energy into its environment than it consumes. This is what separates us from individuals that teach about “finding your motivation”. Motivation is external and based on outside affects or the “things out there in the world that I want to bring into my experience.”  Instead, our approach is to relax, reconnect, and recharge You, so that you can plug directly into your own needs, wants, and desires to attract and create them in your life. The very act of refueling yourself provides overflow that hits the ground around you and splatters onto whoever and whatever passes within your sphere of influence.   So our recharging station ends up creating massive positive change for our clients and their closest relationships and experiences. Thereby, changing our experience here in this world. 

No two people come in with the same needs, so we customize each session to create a plan of care where we scaffold someone through this entire process gently, firmly, compassionately, and relentlessly. We are here to support your vision and goals even when you fall off the wagon.  We stop the screaming body so that you can discover the joy and peace of becoming one with the universe.  We stop the wild spinning of your mind so that you’ll be able to sit in silence, waiting for inspiration to bring ease to your relationships and career choices. We create space for the spirit to speak above the fray, letting your intuition be revealed. Then, you can get out of the daily cycles of distraction, and bring your Soul’s visions to life.  Bringing you the health, satisfaction, and whole Being success that a namaste sticker on your vehicles as you drive to church for an hour on Sunday can never bring.

Give us a call if you have questions or would like to discuss something specific.

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